Below is a list of free access portals that will provide you with all the information you need to continue learning.


Featured image Resources OpenEd - Resources

As they describe themselves, this website offers one of the most comprehensive catalogues of educational resources in the world.


Featured image Resources TedTalks - Resources

Here you will be able to listen to the world’s greatest exponents talking about important topics such as self-confidence or the power of being an agent of change. The importance of believing in our own ideas to carry them out is also discussed on the website. Powerful talks you can’t help but listen to.


Featured image Resources Education - Resources

Education is a virtual library where you can find lessons, examples, explanations, and even games that will help you improve your teaching methods. It is aimed at children’s education. Important for all those who want to help young students.


Featured image Resources Udemy - Resources

Here you will find more than 100,000 video courses. Although they are paid, it is totally worth it. It has a certificate.


Featured image Resources Domestika - Resources

It is one of the most popular at the moment. It offers thousands of courses taught by professionals from all over the world.

The Student Room

Featured image Resources The Student Room - Resources

It is the largest community of students in the UK. They offer videos, articles, and everything related to improving the quality of learning.

London Student

Featured image Resources London Student - Resources

It is a forum where students from different parts of London, UK, and Europe, share their opinions about the universities where they study. Which are the courses these universities offer and even special part-time jobs for students so that they can pay for their studies are also shared here.

International Student

Featured image Resources International Student - Resources

A special website for students from all over the world to interact and learn from each other’s experiences.

Top Universities

Featured image Resources Top Universities - Resources

Here you can find valuable information from various universities around the world. You can take a test that will help you discover the career that would be perfect for you according to your interests and ambitions.