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Video Pitch - Makerspaces/Impact on Society and Global Community.

My video will exhibit the differences between the creative thinking process in a makerspace and in a regular classroom.  It will then go to show how more makerspaces in schools will benefit Society and the Global Community (which is the theme).  The video will begin with a moving shot of a regular classroom at the high-school, and then gradually move into shots of our schools makerspace and potentially other makerspaces in the general area.  I intend to use video clips of people talking about the impact of makerspaces on the community, and overlap the entire video with some sort of music.  Sounds and specific focal points are going to be very important in my video, and I want to achieve a "silently moving" effect on the viewer.  An outsource clip that I might use will probably be one from another person with my topic talking about the effect of makerspaces globally.  In the end, my goal is to show how makerspaces stimulate and improve creative thinking that would normally be suppressed in regular classrooms.   

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Comment by Sheri Williams on November 9, 2017 at 4:27am

Sophie Sounds good.  I look forward to seeing your video.

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