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video pitch- makerspace/ Impact on society

In my video, I would like to show how makerspace can help people express their creativity and have access to things that they might not usually be able to, such as a 3D printer and things alike. I would also like to show how having a place where people can go and make things can bring a community together to collaborate and produce.  My outsource clip might be just someone google searching what a makerspace is and possibly where to find one, (ex. local library, school, etc.)  I haven't really decided yet.

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Comment by MariD_bmhs_2 on Monday

I really like what you are thinking about doing with your video. I also like how your showing how makerspace can help people.

Comment by Lacie Davis on April 15, 2018 at 6:53am

Good ideas.  Just be sure that you include a topic overview, current information on makerspaces, and your MLA citations.  Good luck!

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