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Video Pitch-Internet of Things/Impact on the individual

In my video i want to tell a story about real things that have happen in the past.  In my video people would see How internet of things have affect people and there workplaces or how it affects people on a regular day. The video will begin with a definition of what Internet of things is. The video will end with a short video of a person talking about Internet of things. The outsource clip will be someone connect there phone to the internet or just texting or typing on the computer. I will aslo put my mla citation at the end of my video.

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Comment by Lacie Davis on April 12, 2018 at 12:57am

I really like the idea of your video being a story.  It is very unique.  Just be sure to fully define and explain internet of things, so your viewers will not be lost.  You might consider giving the viewers some quick examples with images attached.  Lastly, remember to always include your citations.  You will do great. Keep up the good work!

Comment by KimA_ASU on April 11, 2018 at 1:33pm

Good start to your video pitch idea. It looks like your are on the right track of making a successful video. Make sure you have all your bases covered including your references in MLA format and up to date information on the topic.

Comment by Janice Newlin on April 11, 2018 at 2:17am

Good idea to bring the past into the present! Be sure you begin with an overview explaining your topic and theme; include current news (multimedia here would be a plus) and correct MLA citations, etc. Your outsource video idea is a very good one!

Mrs. Newlin

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