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The Perfect Day Gone Wrong Reflective Blogpost

Video Title: The Perfect Day Gone Wrong


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Video Theme: Virtual Communication

Hyperlink to Video:

Summarize your video:

 My video is about a boy named Washington. It is a bright, sunny morning while he is sleeping. Then the phone begins to ring, and everything goes wrong. Washington wakes up, disgruntled, and realizes his mother is calling him. Washington answers the phone and realizes his mother is wondering how his first day of work is going. Washington gets out of bed and tells his mother that he is on his way and that he works at home. His mother clearly doesn't believe him and tells him that she is coming over to see. Washington walks over to a computer and starts taking to his boss online. Washington's mother arrives after a while, then realizes how virtual communication and how it really works. That is when the mother realizes that she was wrong, and leaves in shame.


What was your assigned topic for this video?

 Virtual Communication in a First Person Narrative


If you had time to improve your film, name three things you would improve in order of their importance.

1- I would improve the voices synchronizing in rhythm with the word box above it. It was already a struggle fixing it to the way I have presented it, but I would like to spend more time perfecting it.

2- I would like to fix the volume levels so people do not go deaf one minute and struggle to hear what someone is saying the next.

3- I want to improve the pictures I made. If I had more time, I would have liked to add another piece of animation to my movie, or improve the pictures I had already made.


What did you learn from the process of creating your video?

 I learned that communicating with others is not as easy as I thought it would be. From personal reviews to connecting, it was extremely difficult to agree with others without pulling my hair out. I only have one point of view, my own. When I receive other people's point of view that isn't similar to the way I had imagined it, it is frustrating.

I also learned that painting a picture, taking a picture, then painting it over again is extremely difficult. Overall, I had a total of 404 pictures used for my animation, and most of them had repeated several times. The time it takes, and also the patience, is unbearable to go through.


How close was the final video to your original "pitch" to your teacher?

 It was sort of in the same grouping, but completely different than I thought it would be. I originally didn't have a mother talking, and it would have been much shorter. My original plans seem ridiculous now that I have my final video.


Who provided you with an outsourced clip?

 ScottM_Masco provided my outsourced clip.

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What feedback do you have for the person who created your outsourced clip? 

 I appreciate that Scott added some humor to the clip, and overall it added a little humor to the movie. I appreciate that he gave me something to work with and add to my movie.

Was the clip you received what you expected?

 I was a little surprised to see that my clip was actually people singing and dancing to "I'm a Little Teapot", but I am also glad that Scott and his friends had put some thought into what they were doing.

What did you learn about the process of depending upon someone else to fill your outsourced request?

 It is nerve racking to wait for someone you don't really know. I couldn't help but keep wondering if the video had turned out like a wanted it to. I am an impatient person, and I was worried for a long time that I wouldn't get my project done in time since I needed that outsourced clip.

Would you do anything differently next time?

 I would not change anything for how I asked for my video. I loved the way it was done and how it effected my video.

Who did you provide an outsourced clip to?

 I provided for LaurenW_REC

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What is the best thing about your clip?  The thing that needed to be improved?

I think the best thing about it is that we actually used a book for reference. I would improve the way it had zoomed in and how you couldn't see the Spark Notes sign.
Group Assignment: Virtual Communiation - Government and Politics
Hyperlink to Group Wiki: Link

Overview of Topic

Virtual Communicaton is how businesses connect using technology, not meeting face to face. This allows people, businesses, and clients to interact without the difficulty of someone meeting somewhere else halfway across the globe. People have created websites to contain virtualoffices or communities, where they communicate while they stay at home. Governments, businesses, and politicians now use websites such as Skype, Facebook, and Twitter to communicate with their clients or supporters. Technology has allowed people to interact with the rest of the world with just a computer screen.



Research Process


As you researched, you used Diigo, built a PLN in iGoogle, watched a video, read the book, and used the discussion tab to talk to partners and expert advisors. Looking back, what things helped you understand your topic the most? The least?

I understood my topic most from using Diigo. Diigo allowed me to read other people's views instead of just Thomas Friedman's book, which wasn't very helpful to me in understanding my topic.




In your opinion, what were the strengths and
weaknesses of your wiki team. Did you have any problems or obstacles,
and if so, what did you do to overcome the problems you experienced. Did
your group adequately cite sources? Are you happy with your wiki? Why
or why not?

The strengths of my team was that we all had good ideas and references for our wiki. Each of us put an equal amount of effort into the subject and worked hard to get what we wanted. I think our overall problem was putting it together with the least amount of words as possible with the amount of information that we wanted to put on there. Cutting down sentences was only making it worse, but we eventually found a way to work around that. I am happy with our wiki and how it turned out. It was simple, but descriptive at the same time.




You will fill out a private survey for organizers, but are there any things you wish that everyone would know about joining a project such as this?

 When Joining this project, you might want to go ahead and prepare for anything wild or crazy that might happen while you are working on it.

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