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The World is Flat 3.0

Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat is all about how the economic playing field is being leveled or flattened. He speaks of three important things called globalizations. Globalization 1.0 happened through countries from 1492-1892. Globalization 2.0 occurred through companies from the 1800s to 2000. Globalization 3.0 happened through individuals. It began in 2000 and is going strong.

Mr. Friedman also talks about the ten flatteners but only explains four of them. The first one he talks about is the PC or personal computer. The PC allows individuals to author their own content in digital form. The second flattener he talks about is 8/9/95. That is the date when Netscape went public with their IPO, or initial public offering. Netscape's invention, the browser, brought the internet to life. The money that was put into the .com boom was used to sponsor fiber optic cables which are used to send anything anywhere. With the use of the fiber optic cables, computers became interoperable. This software is now known as Work Flow Software. All of these flatteners converge to form the platform in The World is Flat.

Thomas Friedman also talks about three rules of the platform. The first one is called the iron rule of business: whatever can be done will be done. The second one is things are done by you or to you. The last one depends on how well you horizontilize. It is between you and your imagination.

I enjoyed listening to his lecture because I never realized what is going on in the world of technology. For this year's Flat Classroom Project I hope to meet new friends and learn more about the world of technology.

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Comment by Vicki Davis on October 19, 2009 at 1:29pm
Remember to tag your posts whs (I had to do this for you after searching for your post) - also remember that we always hyperlink important items in our posts. I love the iron rules of business also. I think these also extend to live in general- particularly the second rule.

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