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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

One of the most valuable ways the Flat Connections Global Project helps students to see learning as taking place beyond the classroom walls is through the use of expert advisors.  According to Flat Connections founder Julie Lindsay, “the expert advisor is a teacher or topic expert or researcher who joins the project to influence and support students...they are also a valuable resource and knowledge base for research skills as well as content, and in conjunction with classroom teachers, are vital to encourage students to think more deeply and contribute and collaborate more effectively.”  Expert advisors from across the globe who include pre-service teachers, flat connections global educators, and veteran teachers are beginning to connect with students on the Flat Connections Global Project Wiki to offer advice and feedback as students take part in the oftentimes new experience of co-creating.

Each expert advisor has been assigned several teams to oversee and monitor.  In an online wiki space, advisors give invaluable advice to help students cite sources properly, give leads on research, and offer feedback about the process of team collaboration.  Through this process students feel that they have added support and an audience that provides an expert lens on developing academic content around the themes of the Flat Connections Global Project.  It is one of the many ways the Flat Connections Projects provide students with a sophisticated global collaborative experience that mirrors the work they can expect to do in their adult lives where global collaboration is becoming increasingly the norm.

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