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Group Assignment: 3D Printing Impact on Society and Global Community

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1)3D printing is a very important tool that will impact so many industries, such as automotive, medical, business & industrial equipment, education, architecture, and consumer-product industries. They may be expensive, but many people are realizing how useful they are. In the medical industry, they are working on using the 3D printer to make organs from scratch. Anything that can be made into a powder can be made with a 3D printer. It only takes a short amount of time depending on what you are making, and it is all done layer by layer going off of a 3D object or sketch. What I found most interesting about my topic was that soon fully functional organs and maybe even organisms can be printed. I also like the fact that some of the printers are a reasonable price, and maybe I will have my own one day. I plan to print a guitar using

Some good hyperlinks to look at are as follows:

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing Dangers

Printing Food

Printing History

2) In the beginning of the wiki editing process, there were a few bumps in the road. I had some trouble finding some of my team members and getting them to accept my follow request. A few of the members didn't join after 2 weeks so I had to inform my teacher about this so he could contact the other teachers involved with the FCGP. I wish it was easier to communicate through the Ning, but we eventually all came together as a team. On the positive side, I was surprised to see how motivated and responsible my team was when I first went on the wikispace. There were already a few pages of articles and my team members had been sending comments to each other giving advice. My group adequately cited sources and I am happy with how the wiki came out. It is very organized, interesting and easy to read.

3)Outsource Video

3A) I created an outsource video for _clairep_dfhs_ and the request said "Benefits of BYOD in workspaces." It was very clearly stated what was asked of me but it was also very broad. Hopefully it was what she was looking for! I made a video of me using my phone as a calculator to do math homework and getting the problem right. The video I made was included in _clairep_dfhs_'s final video and I'm glad that it was what she was looking for. Here is a link to her video:

3B) The outsource video I requested was for someone to type into Google, "What is a 3D printer?" I received it very promptly and I liked it a lot so I chose to use it in my final video and it fit perfectly. The person that completed my outsource request was ArthurGAAHS

4) My initial plan for the final video was to create a video on iMovie. I was going to use the song Tous les mêmes by Stromae and have photos pop up to the beat. I decided against this because the song is catchy, but it is all in French so I don't know the meaning of the lyrics. I also don't have much experience with iMovie and from the movies I have made, they usually come out bland and are very time consuming. In the end I decided to use PowToon and a Vitamin String Quartet cover of Imagine Dragons as the song in the background. The quality of my video and audio came out very good, but I had some problems with the zoom of the video. Some of the words were very close to the edge of the screen because I had to use QuickTime Player to get the video off of PowToon. I finished my video when I still had the free trial, but when I tried getting it off of PowToon the next day I had to pay for the premium version in order to save and share it. It would have come out a lot nicer if I didn't have to use QuickTime Player, but I was still happy with my final product. I could have made the audio better if I picked a catchier tune with a better beat. I could have improved my video by adding in a real life story.

Two videos that deserve recognition are as follows:

-BYOD 1D: Impact on the Environment by ayaanm_aahs 

-Wearable Technology by TylhorC_QCA


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