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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Video : basics


  1. Starts off with a kid being sick

  2. Kid thinks about missing school

  3. Remembers the school webcam

  4. Each teacher has their own classroom webcam

  5. The kid still has his day by day education

  6. Kid comes back to school,and hasn’t missed a thing

Plans :


  • Having someone be the came kid,  the story is probably going to use facetime as their webcams.  If not we will make two different videos one from home and another from school.  Get at least one or two teachers involved.  And use the computer class as his main class. Video 1-3 minutes long.


Idea of the Robotics and Education:


  • That robotics and education are growing rapidly.  We are able to use them so we don’t miss the important things in the classroom.  No even if we are sick or injured.  All we have to do is use the technology that we have and put it to some good use.   

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