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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

  1. My learning was flat, but it didn’t feel as flat as it probably could have been.  The sites we used were awkward and not very efficient or easy to use.  My group members did not really communicate at all, nor did we do anything besides post in the same google document.  I was excited to work with new people, but when nobody really worked together, the excitement and idea of “flat learning” was lost.                          The main things that were new and exciting to me were the people from across the world, and a collaborative research project.  The research project was fun, but when nobody collaborated it was hard to enjoy that aspect of it.                                               I think that if we were more encouraged to communicate and collaborate on the actual research part, or if there were times where more than one school was online at once, things could have been vastly improved.  Alongside this, the NNG website is difficult to navigate and use, which may have contributed to the lack of communication among groups.  

In high school, I think that the most important thing someone can experience is failure.  For students who have always had an easy time at school, failure is the most important thing they can experience to be ready for college.  I have never had a difficult time in school, but now that I’m attending lectures at UW Madison, and doing college-level homework, I realized that the one teacher who ever failed me at something, (Ms. Bohler, sixth grade) was the teacher who had best prepared me for college.  After that I changed some habits, which ultimately lead to me developing a work ethic that worked for a while.  I have since fallen out of those habits, and my current habits are hitting me very hard with the new, more challenging work.                  I think that encouraging students to take higher level classes, or using advisory time to give students a taste of more challenging classes would be very beneficial to preparing students to face failure, which is nearly inevitable when taking your first college classes.  

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Comment by christinaa_AAHS on May 3, 2017 at 3:04am

hey for the outsource video you can make it inside or outside, so it doesnt really matter.

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