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Research Entry #1: Artificial Intelligence and it's Influence on an Individual

As we further advance with robotics, computers, and artificial intelligence, we ponder the more frequent the thought of general artificial intelligence becoming a reality occurs. But how would the advent of general artificial intelligence affect us on an individual level?

 Now there are different ways on how artificial intelligence can affect us. For a person who is religious, this can be seen as us humans "Playing God" and may take this as a grave offence to the doctrines established by their God. But due note like us humans, general artificial intelligence won't perfect. They would be capable of success and failure just like us, and like some Gods, would we not love our creations regardless?

Another point is that some will be concerned for their jobs, arguing that "They will take all our jobs". But one should note that while yes they will take some jobs, they would not take every job. There will still be jobs where a human touch would be needed like repairing the robots, programming their code, therapy, the list goes on and on.

Finally there are individuals who would embrace the idea of artificial intelligence and the untapped potential that they have. Artificial intelligence is like a growing child, we must not be biased as to what they are, but we must see them as what they can become and how they can benefit our lives on Earth.

In conclusion while there are some who may be against the very thought of artificial intelligence, it is recommended that we must set aside our biases and see them as a growing child, with limitless potential.

-Colten M_DFHS


Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence - Future of Life In...

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