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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Reflections on the Flat Classroom Project

Group Assignment: Globalization and Outsourcing's Effects on Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure (6E)

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1) My contribution the Flat Classroom Project focused on globalization and outsourcing’s effect on leisure. When I was first assigned this topic, I was thoroughly baffled. I could see no connection between the pair and leisure. However, after thinking more about globalization and outsourcing, I found myself contemplating how they affected different facets of our lifestyle, and reached an organic conclusion. I learned that globalization has allowed the world to grow more connected than ever before, and that it allows organizations from across the world to collaborate on projects and share methods of more efficient production. This increased interconnectivity has led to outsourcing, or the contracting of labor by a third party. Outsourcing helps keep business running smoothly and production costs low, but it can still affect other realms, like leisure. When work is outsourced to a third company for a lower cost many jobs on the home front may become obsolete, leading to less discretionary income per family unit. This means households may have to cut back on high priced leisure activities, like vacations. From this was born such concepts as "staycations," which can negatively affect even more industries.  If the Smith family’s primary wage earner was to suffer a pay cut, they may not be able to go on vacation. This could leave vacancies in the hotel, leading to a worker at the hotel; say a maid or server, being fired. Then that family in turn has less discretionary income, and so on and so forth (trickle-down economics at work.) For all the good that globalization and outsourcing does for us, we must also remember that it can be a detriment to our economy too.  I learned so much from this project, but I found the connection between outsourcing and the hospitality business, as well as the idea of trickle-down economics, to be the most interesting.


2) While I am most certainly pleased with our finished product, my wiki team faced its fair share of obstacles. I had problems tracking down all the members of my team, and some were much less enthusiastic to jump right in and get started than others. But once we were all able to get in contact everyone in my group really pulled through and we ended up with what I believe is a wonderful final wiki. Still, we did face other issues. I personally believe that my groups topic was somewhat obscure, and I had problems finding relevant articles to help shape my thinking. I just sat down at my desk one Saturday for a good hour and racked my brain trying to link leisure with outsourcing and globalization. Was my portion of the wiki adequately cited? In my opinion yes, though I did cite no sources. I grew up spending every Sunday with my grandfather. He would spend hours talking to me about economics, politics, and whatever else caught his attention that particular day. I know a fair amount about globalization, outsourcing, and trickle-down economics and drew only upon my prior knowledge to write my portion of the wiki. Overall, the wiki editing process was an enjoyable one. My group was able to overcome our minor hiccups and created a thorough and informative finished project.


3A) I fulfilled the outsourced video request of Zachary H. His request was clear, concise, and I had no issues fulfilling it. He wanted me to create a commercial of sorts for Kiva, a micro financing organizations that helps entrepreneurs in impoverished parts of the world expand their business. The only part of the request I found fault with was the fact that he actually did not tell me what Kiva was in his request, so I had to do some research. Still, he was very courteous and polite. He did use my clip in his video, which I thoroughly enjoyed and found to be quite touching. I am sure you will enjoy his final video too!


3B) Scott S was kind enough to fulfill my outsourced video request. I had requested that a student pretend to be a parent explaining to their child that they would be unable to go on vacation because they were fired from their job. Scott did a wonderful job and fulfilled my request to the "t". I used her clip in my movie, and it is a wonderful addition!


4) I spent a great deal amount of time planning how I was going to make my video, but things didn't work out the way I had planned. I had initially made many paperclip chains, and I was going to use them to show how globalization had led to an increased level of interconnectivity. I planned on having many small paperclip circles separated from each other because of their relative geographic isolation, and then have the internet link all the small chains into one large chain. I still think it was a good idea, but I was unable to film such involved scenes and they ended up looking sloppy. I ended up using simple objects around my room and printouts to add a human element to ideas that sound complex and scary; globalization and outsourcing. After I filmed my scenes, I had a problem downloading them on to my computer and my Windows Live Movie Maker would not accept them. It literally took hours to convert all my scenes into a viable format, but when everything was said and done I was quite pleased with my video. I spent hours filming and editing my movie and now that I worked as hard as I could to complete it. I had used my mother's old video camera to film, and I had to speak very loudly to combat the poor microphone. I think the quality of the audio was pretty good, but it would have been better with a higher quality camera.  However, I don't think the video suffered much because of it, and I have no problem understanding my project. I wish I had played around with editing a bit more, however, and included a few more transitions and effects. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with my video and hope you are too. 


I also had the opportunity to view some of my peers videos and was thoroughly impressed by all their work, but two in particular stood out. I loved AnnieL_AAHS 's video, and think she did a wonderful job of explaining social entrepreneurship. I had never thought of Susan B. Anthony as a social entrepreneur, and feel I learned alot from her video. Also, she was well paced and spoke clearly at all times. I also was impressed by ElijahN_ISD's video, and appreciated that he focused on a generational current event that had massive global ripple effects. His video was well thought out, he was quite articulate, and he used wonderful transitions. The Flat Classroom Project allowed me to broaden my horizons by exposing me to different people, places, and mindsets, and I am in thoroughly in debt to the project as I feel I took away so much!


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