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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

          My topic that I was assigned was online learning and it’s impact on the individual. For this project, I didn’t have too much background knowledge to start with. I had taken a few online courses but I never really thought about how they affected me. So, I went into this project with an open mind and a thoughtful approach. I learned a lot over the time I was researching my topic. First, I learned some of the basic concepts about online learning. I learned that online learning is way more important than we think. I also learned online learning helps people learn anywhere in the world. One of my favorite things we learned about was the concept of online schools. We could be able to go to school but never leave our homes. Some of the websites I personally used can be found here and here.


         Throughout my research, I had to check up on my group often. Our google doc grew fast and the people in my group were great workers. They all contributed to the document in some way, shape, or form. One obvious obstacle we faced was the communication barrier of us not being in the same place as each other. We were able to overcome this barrier by making notes and editing each other’s work. All in all, I was content with my wiki group. They were helpful and hardworking young students. If I had to do it again, I would do it with them.Graphical user interface for data.


         For my outsource video, I had to make two separate videos. For the first video, I recorded Noah working on the computer for a few seconds. For the second video, I recorded the classroom working for a few seconds. This was easy for me to accomplish and I did it all in one take.  


        For my outsource video, I asked for a video of someone working on a computer, watching an educational video. I requested this because I pertains to my topic and it is easy for someone else to accomplish for me.


          My initial idea for my video was to use iMovie to make my video. I planned on it being around 3 minutes long. By the time my video was done, I had ended up using Bitable instead of iMovie. I did this because I found it hard to make a video of the quality that I want with iMovie. If I had to critique my video, I would say that it was fairly good. It was high quality and I thought I kept it pretty interesting, considering how objectively boring my topic truly is. I think that if I could change it, I would say that the only thing that I would do would be making it longer. I wanted it to be longer but I ran out of time to work on my project. One video I thought was good was this one that can be found by clicking here. Another good video can be found here. I liked these videos because they were high quality and they had somewhat interesting topics.


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