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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

My topic is makerspaces and their effect on an individual.

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Overview of topic:

My overall topic was how makerspaces impacted the individual. We used a variety of articles for our research such as the following:,, , and much more. I was not that familiar with my topic, so when I researched it I learned a lot. However, what I found the most interesting was how makerspaces effect the poorer population.. Like I said in my Final Video, makerspaces can be used to better many different individual’s lives. A second thing I found interesting is how some people use makerspaces to just have fun and experience different worlds. Overall, I got very into my topic and now know almost everything I can about my topic. That is why I think my topic is interesting, I would really like to try a makerspace in real life.

Wiki Editing Process:

The 1C Wiki Group had many ups and downs. One strength that we had is that we all did our fair part, and nobody was left doing a big amount of work or small amount of work. However, we had a major problem within our group. Some people were not able to do their work on time and it became a small problem. Since we have to collaborate throughout the country, it was very hard to keep track of progress everyone was making. Some people started the research very early and getting it done quickly, while others didn’t contribute until the end of the research. We did, however, manage to get all of the research we needed into the wiki. In my opinion, I am not happy at our lack of communication on the wiki, but the information was there and it worked out in the end.

Outsourced Video:

The outsourced video was a video of me getting frustrated in class due to the noise. Yes, I clearly understood what was asked of me because the person I made it for, made the request quite easy to understand. The video I made did make it into the final video because AlydaJ_dfhs. This is very cool because it is interesting seeing yourself.Where the video should be- AlydaJ_dfhs

The Outsourced Video that I requested was of someone working hard in the classroom and I did not receive a video. I solved this problem by having somebody from allied create it and Nick helped me out. She made me the video and sent it via text message. This went into my final video.

Nick's Outsource

Final Video:

My initial idea for this video, was to have a well put together, moving photos/scenarios with explanations of what it is and how it impacts the individual with music in the background. I believe I stayed true to my initial concept, just not entirely how I wanted it. I wanted something that looked smooth, and that part worked but when it came to my overall content I did not completely enjoy it. The pictures/scenarios that I used did really fit with the makerspace topic… they were synchronized with the topic at hand. The music choice was ok but got repetitive after the same tune played for two minutes. I got the music off Biteable, which is the website I used to create the video. I could have made the visuals more relevant however, because that is usually what people look at the whole time. That is what I could have done better. Two movies that I think deserve recognition are: Video 1, Video 2. I chose Video 1, LeylaA_AAHS, because it has cool cartoon graphics and design to it. It also spread a good point and message. I chose Video 2, AlydaJ_dfhsbecause it has very appealing music, text, and video that puts this video together very nicely. It also keeps you glued to the screen the whole time.


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