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Group Assignment: Team 1A- Makerspaces and its Impact on Society & Global Community

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My topic for the flat connections global project was makerspaces and its impact on society and global community. Makerspaces is a pace where students can do hands on work to create something. This is a new type of learning that has become more and more popular over time. It helps people with shared interests to collaborate. I found it interesting that makerspaces was a great learning method for students who prefer hands on learning. Some students just have a more difficult time learning the traditional way and need hands on work and activities to understand everything. I also found it interesting on the materials the schools provide students for makerspaces. I love how makerspaces allows students to use their own creativity to help them learn. Makerspaces helps to boost students confidence when they are able to create something on their own. Makerspaces also helps lead to the success of schools and communities.

My wiki team in the end got a lot accomplished and I think that we all learned a lot. It was interesting working on a project like this since I had never done something like this before. I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t know exactly how it would work with people all over the world working on this together. In the beginning, I found that it was hard to communicate with other members and work efficiently since no one was working on anything at the same time and it could be days before someone responded to a question or comment you made. Once more people started to contribute to the project, it started to come together really well. I was impressed by how well our research turned out i the end. I was very happy with how well we worked together to complete the research.

The outsource video I created was a 60 second video of the clock. I understood exactly what was asked since it was a very clear request. I am not sure if the video I made was put into the person’s video since I could not locate their page on fcgp when searching for their username. There was no hyperlink to their page on the request so I am unable to provide the hyperlink to their video because I wasn’t able to find it.


The outsource video I requested was a 10 second video of people collaborating on something. I tried to make a very simple request so someone would be willing to make it for me. I did receive my video and I used it in my final video. Here is the student who created my outsource video:


My initial idea for the video was to create a public service announcement where I asked questions about makerspaces and answered them. I did end up following through with this idea to the best of my ability. I believe the quality of my video is very good and I am very happy with how it turned out. I worked very hard on this video and I am proud of the final product. I like the layout I have and how everything fits together well. I also liked how I was able to incorporate my outsource video into my video. I think I did an overall pretty good job on my final video. To have a better movie, I would maybe make it a little longer and expand on my information. Some of the videos I liked and that I think deserve recognition was which was very well put together and I liked the storyline. Another video that I think deserved recognition is because I loved the information they gave and they made very good points about bullying.



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