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Group Assignment: 4C Virtual Reality and its impact on the individual and their role and place in the world
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Within FCGP, I had the opportunity to research virtual reality. Although I have had previous experiences with virtual reality, I learned a lot more about it. Virtual Reality gives computer generated scenarios, where your senses are able to explore a different environment or scenario than you would typically be in. Virtual reality can give people an experience that they would typically not be in. Virtual reality can give you the feeling of being in a new place or doing a new thing. It can help people learn to, for both educational and social purposes. A person can grow from use of virtual reality because they are learning these new things. Something I found interesting was that virtual reality can play a huge role in healthcare and the future of medicine. I thought this was interesting because when I grow up, I want to work in the medical field. Because of this, I like learning about the medical field. With virtual reality helping in healthcare, it is more likely to become more advanced, which is great for our society. During my research, I also found out that virtual reality has been around for decades. This surprised me, due to the fact that it seems very advanced in its field and it seems high tech.


My group didn’t have any major problems with our wiki. We were able to get our work done efficiently and independently, but we were also able to collaborate with one another when needed, which was helpful. Most of our challenges came from communication. Because of the different time zones and hours, it was very hard to communicate with some people on my team. This lead to a lack of proper planning and communication, and sometimes none at all. One problem that arose were the citations. One day in class I was doing research, but I was running out of time and I didn’t want to lose the link to the article I was reading. I copy and pasted the link into the wiki, and I left a comment that I would cite it at a later date because I ran out of time. The next time I went on the document, my link was gone. I also think some of the citations were messy, either out of order or unformatted. Besides these issues, we were able to collaborate well together and get some very interesting research.


The outsource video I created was a video of my friend Noa reading a book, and then falling asleep. The request for this video was clear and therefore, I understood it. Unfortunately, the video I created to outsource was not included in their video. I’m not sure why. Because my outsource video was not used, I do not have a link to show here.


Originally, my outsource request was complicated. Because I have a virtual reality headset, I assumed that someone else must have had one, so I asked for an outsource clip incorporating one. I guess I was wrong, because after waiting about three weeks, no one had responded to my request. From then, I decided to change my request to something more simple, and it was filled within days. Here is the link to the outsource video I received.


My initial idea for this video was to make it informative, yet fun and interesting. I ended up making a video that followed this plan. Because I did not have a high quality application to use, the quality of my video wasn’t as good as it could’ve been, but it wasn’t awful. I was proud of myself for the amount of time I put into it, but I think my video could have been better. The best application I could find required me to pay for it, but I didn’t have enough money to pay and I felt bad asking my parents for money. My next option was to use Imovie. This worked, but it was hard to put together and took a very long time. I also had limited music choice. To make a better video, I would use a different application and expand more on my information. One video I liked was from LilyB_AAHS. Her video included an interesting storyline, making the project much more enjoyable to watch. Another video I enjoyed was from HamishW_hpc, because it included fluid transitions and animations.


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