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Group Assignment: Robotics

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My topic for the FCGP Global Project was Robots and their impact on education of all levels. Robots are becoming more and more integral in society. Robotics is a separate branch of engineering and science. The topic of robotics looks at the design, construction, operation, and use of robots. As robotics develops, it gains a greater potential to have an impact on education and act as a teaching aid. It was interesting to me how there are already robots created that can track a child’s facial expressions and make them happier and help them learn. It was also interesting to me how in the medical field a robot could teach a junior doctor how to perform a specific surgery and then the doctor could try to replicate the robots work. Over the next decade robots will eventually become fully immersed in modern education. Robots are going to greatly benefit education and future learners. The FCGP is a great idea but it has its flaws. My team was great in the fact that everyone got their work done individually. The biggest problem was that there wasn’t any real form of effective communication between team members. Everyone got their work done but that is it. No one really worked as a team. Everyone got their work done on their own, not together. My group more than adequate with citing our sources and I was very happy with the team wiki. The wiki was full of information and every group member contributed to the final product. The outsource video I created was a video of me explaining how robots impact my daily life. My outsource video did make it into the final video of the person because I fulfilled their request and made the video have everything they wanted. The outsource video was me explaining three ways that robots influence my daily life. I requested an outsource video of someone saying that “robots will impact education by assisting teachers when needed”. I received the clip that I was looking for because my request was as specific as it could be and easy to accomplish. I did use the video that I received because it met all of my requirements and had everything that I asked for (outsource). My initial idea for my final video was to create a PowerPoint containing all of my information and then turn that PowerPoint into an imovie. A voiceover of me including information not on the slides would be included in the imovie. I thought of this idea because it was attainable and met all of the requirements of the final video. The quality of my video is good but I feel as if I could have made the transitions between slides and timings better. I could have made the timings more accurate to what I was talking about. I thought the audio on my video was great. I thought that it was loud and understandable. To have created a better movie, I just needed to better my timings and adjust the slide transitions. 

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