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World Wide Web Changes the World


Video Theme: World Wide Web and Social Entrepreneurship

Hyperlink to Video: World Wide Web Changes the World

Summarize your video:

My video focuses how a social entrepreneurship can use the world wide web to find and change a problem in the world. I chose to use the many issues involving children around the world. It seemed like the topic of children would be one that could influence the entire world. No one ever wants to see a child forced into slavery, starving, or fighting a war. It is a topic that I felt as if people would want to help with.


What was your assigned topic for this video?

 My video had to focus on social entrepreneurship and the world wide web.


If you had time to improve your film, name three things you would improve in order of their importance.

1- improve my work time

2- get more info and statistics to add

3- get more real time videos


What did you learn from the process of creating your video?

 First, I learned about a the different topics that I added into my video, including child slavery, children in war, and the Hatian garbage towns. I also learned a lot about the World Wide Web and social entrepreneurship. I was allowed to almost become a social entrepreneur and present a statement in order to spread the word to other people. Not only the things that I learned through the making of the video, but I also learned a lot of useful things about making the video, and how to research and archive. So through out the course of the video, there was a lot of things that I learned.


How close was the final video to your original "pitch" to your teacher?

 The concept was also the same, but the way I thought of opening it was very different. I was going to have it opening up with a situation involving a senior project, but then I realized people for other countries may not have that.


Who provided you with an outsourced clip?

 There were eight students from ISD, the school from Germany, that allowed me the pleasure of using them in my video.

- AlecG_ISD

- David_ISD

- KensukeT_ISD

- KieranP_ISD

- MinatoN_ISD

- MiyuU_ISD

- MoeT_ISD

- YudaiS_ISD

What feedback do you have for the person who created your outsourced clip?

I really enjoyed the videos that were sent to me. The students did a fantastic job and did exactly what they were asked.

Was the clip you received what you expected?

It was exactly what I was looking for.

What did you learn about the process of depending upon someone else to fill your outsourced request?

I learned that I should maybe send it out earlier next time so that I wouldn't have to worry about it in the end.


Would you do anything differently next time?

As said above, I would allow more time for the request to be completed.


Who did you provide an outsourced clip to?

I sent a clip out to JT E-WHSB.


What is the best thing about your clip?  The thing that needed to be improved?

The best part about my video is because it has a feel that it is real. I actually went out to an event in order to capture what was requested. Next time, I would have to work a little faster in order to have it to the people sooner rather then later.


Group Assignment: Education in group 2
Hyperlink to Group Wiki: World Wide Web

Overview of Topic:

The world wide web is a fantastic tool that has allowed for people across the world to export, share, and look up information that they have been searching for. It has also made a huge wave effect on education. Students and teachers alike can now go online to find helpful websites to find extra help.  Many doorways have been opened to allow for information to spread across the world.


Research Process

 Through the course of the project, I feel as if the Diigo has helped me the most. Having a way to easily store and the find information according to the tags placed on them was by far the most efficient way to get things done. For me, the worst form of research through out the project was trying to communicate through the discussion tab. Although I tried many time to start a conversation, no one was responding, making it hard to work with others.




 My team wiki could have been a lot better then it is. I was the only person that put forth any effort to work on it. I'm not sure why no one else was able to help (I was never informed of these reasons even though I asked).  There was one girl that kept in touch with my through the Ning page, but she added a small portion to the end towards the every end of the project. If I could have at least gotten the thoughts of the other people in my group, I feel as if I could have done a better job at supplying information for the wiki.




This was an amazing project. When things were first explained, the project sounded extremely difficult. It was also a bit scary, to have to work with people from around the world that I had never met before was a thing that I had to really get over. I was nervous at first about how I would work along with them. But as I got to the work, I found out that it was very exciting. And so, to anyone that would like to join a project like this, my number one piece of advise would be to expect a lot of work. Be ready to have to look into things that you have never had to experience before. In the end, there is a lot that you will learn.

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