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Post Project Reflection Wearable Technology

Reflection on NetGenEd project

1) Overview of your technology -

My project was on wearable technology. Wearable technologies are things that you actually wear that you can use as technology.Nike Fuel Band would be a great example of it. The Nike Fuel Band is a band that you wear on your wrist for when you go running. It calculates your time, distance, calories, and so much more. Another example would be Google Glass. Google Glass is Google’s newest technology. You can use it for so many things such as videoing, maps, siri, messaging, and many other things too. Wearable technology helps out a lot because when you need it it’s on you and you have it at all times.

2) Overview of your NetGen Norm -

My NetGen Norm was Speed. Speed is how fast something runs or works. The Horizon Report talks about all things relating with Speed as well, but anyways speed is the key to technology now days. People now days like to have things done fast and are not patient at all. The new Nike Fuel Band is great for runners and performs very quickly and it’s very efficient too. When people go run they want their results right when they finish and the Nike Fuel Band can give them their results and much more very quickly. Another example would be Google Glass. Google glass does many things and does them quickly as well. All of these new products are built and made to be fast and durable.

Outsourced Video

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3) I requested a video of someone running, which is what i got. I did receive the video. I did use my outsource video cause i liked it and wanted to use it. I used it and sped it up and slowed it down to show the difference between slow and fast.Thank you Mariaa for the outsource clip!

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4) Final Video -

I thought over all I had a decent video. I really liked my audio and sound settings. I wish I would have spent more time on it though. I really want to put acting in some of my future videos! I still liked the way I had the text and all the pictures and all but some people will think that that is boring. I have lots of fun making the videos and can’t wait to do it again. One thing I would like to try next time is record my on soundtrack. I play guitar and I would love to create my own sound track. Overall it was a difficult but cool and fun project! One main thing i have learned from this project is that technology is getting really big and that you can use it anywhere and everywhere.


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