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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Games are integrating the classrooms and changing the way that students learn and test. Not only is it more fun, but it also grabs the attention of students, helping them focus better. Games are also boosting test scores of students. Classrooms are also starting to throw out grades and use things like badges, levels, and titles to grade students. Students can earn badges as they complete tasks in the classroom like writing a paper or presenting on a certain topic. Leveling up can be based on how well you can write a paper too, or completing a certain task. Titles are given to students who complete difficult tasks such as dissecting an animal and learning certain parts of each system. Gamification is revolutionizing the classroom.


With all of the new technology our generation has now days, like iPads, Tablets, Kindles, and Smartphones, we have the freedom to virtually be anywhere and doing anything at any time. For students, this means we have the ability to learn anywhere we want to. The key is, gamification is not only changing the classroom, but changing our freedom. We have even more ways to learn now because of these devices than we ever have before. Our generation might be labeled as the dumbest generation now, but looking closer, we see that if it wasn’t for our generation, we wouldn’t have many of the useful tools we use today to help our everyday lives.

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For my outsource clip, I requested at most a 45 second video of someone studying on their iPad or Tablet in different places, like a drive through or a waiting room. Unfortunately, I never received my outsource clip. Malvikap_aahs signed up for my video, but she never delivered it. I messaged her and my teacher messaged her teacher, but it was still never delivered. Since I didn’t have an outsource clip, I could not put one in my video.

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I believe I could have made my video better if I had better sound quality. In one scene, the wind picked up and makes it sound very poppy, but it was too late. So I couldn’t re-film it. I thought that for the most part, my examples were good, but they could always be better. I spent a ton of time on my video, but I still felt rushed. I definitely need to do better with time management, although it was better from when I competed on FlatClassroom 2012. My video was also a little long, four minutes and fourty-four seconds, but not over the time limit. I wish it would have been shorter though. Overall though, I am happy with most of my video. The most important thing I learned from my project was being more open to changes, especially if they can improve your performance levels, not only in the classroom, but also in the real world.

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