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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

  1. My role in the NetGenEd Project was for Game-Based Learning. Game-based learning is a method of learning that helps student become educated in more interesting ways in technology, an example is like Typer Shark for helping people learn how to type. Using badges, achievements, level-ups and other ways for someone to earn a reward is what motivates students to doing better in their work. Using game-based learning is something that is very expensive, such as something as difficult as Flight Simulator X for flying jets, but it will be extremely helpful in the education for our present and our future. I loved working for this topic because simply learning about a new method of learning that can be fun seems great to me. If we look further into this method we may find a better way to understand things through technology instead of books that make people want to fall asleep.
  2. This year my role in the Game-Based Learning subject was Project Manager. What I learned from managing this team with the help of Assistant Project Manager Rob Thigpen is that working is not what people talk about. The way people talked about leading a group terrified me into thinking I was going to fail. Working through the project made me realize that stepping up to do something isn't as difficult as people put it to be, although there is much working and meetings and effort put into being in charge of making it work. I also liked working for this project because I like working with people from different places. There were some problems and difficulties but eventually most of them were solved near the end.
  3. A. This is the outsourced picture I took for TheodoreT_AAS of a person in a thinking pose. Theodore was very descriptive in describing what he wanted and that made things very clear on what I was supposed to do. B. The outsourced video I asked for was of several people sleeping on a desk with a book under them. I received six of the seven who signed up for it, and I don't know where the other is. I used these clips to emphasize how learning can be boring without entertainment. The students to sent my outsourced clips are ColleenC_AAHS, MomchilN-AAS, UshaT_AAHS, Trevor_PPHS, JagpalS_AAHS, and BriannaW_AAHS.

  4. My initial idea for this video was for people to understand how reading is boring and learning by entertainment is best. My first thought of making my video was literally people sleeping on books and not wanting to do their work. I believe I have stayed true to my idea, but originally I never thought of adding so many pictures to it. I do wish that my video has a little better quality but the size of it was so large that I couldn't make it any bigger. I also wish that someone else has spoken for my video just because I don't like listening to myself and my pitches were off sometimes. Something I would have done to improve it was to have started working on it earlier. I think I would have done much better with much more time to work and edit this. One other video that I have seen that I especially appreciate is this videodone by KatieK_SVHS. This video is beautifully made and I really admire the effort put into this, and the music in the background is really awesome.
  5. The greatest thing I have learned about this project is that not everything can go as we plan it to and we can never expect what will happen.

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