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Opening Up Education: Flat Classroom Workshop in Mumbai - vote for student video

Teachers and students came from around the world to attend the Flat Classroom Workshop in Mumbai

Last week Vicki Davis and me (Julie Lindsay), along with other dedicated educators and excited students travelled to Mumbai, India and be part of the Flat Classroom Workshop organised as a strand of the ASB Unplugged Conference at the American School of Bombay. Classrooms and teachers came from about 20 countries came to Mumbai and in addition over 50 educators and students participated virtually using the uStream to see us and the backchannel chat as well as Skype to communicate in real time, while using the wiki for asynchronous communication with their team members.
The theme of the teacher/student workshop was 'Opening Up Education' and was inspired in particular by the work of Curtis Bonk and his book 'The World is Open'.

Participants, in culturally mixed teams were charged with the request to design a project that would open up education, improve learning and cast a vision for the future. Following a process where each team developed a 'pitch', received feedback from other educators after delivering this pitch 3 times in succession, and then developing their ideas further into a longer presentation, three 'finalists' emerged who were given the entire last day to work on developing a digital story based on their idea to 'sell' it further. The other participants used the last day to construct the final Flat Classroom 30 minute presentation to the 250 conference participants, including developing video material, reflections, organising the program and technical support and presenting the final videos.

India was a remarkable experience for everyone and the cultural exchange with local and other international participants was an excellent opportunity to make friends and develop student's self-confidence, not only in the use of technology tools and methods, but in leadership, collaborating as a team, working to a deadline, developing global citizenship and working alongside adults and virtual team members in a flattened learning environment, once again made possible by emerging technologies and Web 2.0.

We would like to thanks the American School of Bombay for their hospitality and vision to implement a Flat Classroom (tm) workshop that extended the walls of learning to embrace global understanding.

We invite you now to vote for the the student idea that is most likely to be successfully implemented. Will it be Team 6 with 'Impact'? or Team 1 with 'Like-Write'? or Team 9 with 'Aha'?
You can vote right on the workshop wiki for the next few days, or on the Flat Classroom Conference Ning.

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