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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

  • My learning has been flat to an extent. I have been able to connect with people around the world and talk with them but I was limited to working with a small group of students based on my group
  • I think what excited me the most was how far away some of the students I get to meet and work with are. The idea of working with people half way across the country and some even on the other side of the world is very interesting and opens you up to new ideas.
  • I feel like the use of both Flat Connections Global Project and the wikispaces page made things confusing at times because there was two different websites we have to have up at the same time. Also everyone being in such small groups limited our exposure to "flat" learning.

  1. I think all students in high school should be exposed to global learning because it has so much more of an impact on how we absorbed our information and heightened our learning experience.
  2. Something like Flat Connections Global Project should be used in much more classes other than just Sociology. Because Sociology is not a required class most of the time a lot of students may not get to experience something like this, so introducing it to more common classes like English, science, and math might help.

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