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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

This project has had a good effect on me because I didn't realize how connecting with other people in our world is such a big deal. Many of us don't even connect with the people across this world. Having the "walls" go down and having us connect with other people can give us a broader way of looking at people and place. Honestly my "Flat" of learning was frustrating and mostly incredible.The frustration of connecting with other people online is how you won't be able to see them how you will see your classmates. It's different in a good way. Not only will you connect with them but you will learn with them and about them. I understand that there are some difficulties connecting with other people around the world, but what really didn't work for me was, getting everyone at one place. Having everyone on the same page as I was. I don't know what everyone knows and don't know. Something that really worked for me was getting new ideas from other teammates. Also, some people has a different thinking than I do and they find things that are way out of my thinking.  Which amazes me and appreciate that my team is really putting the effort to this. I believe that every student should experience the difference about them. Like knowing that other people have a different point of view than you. Also knowing that things can get hard and you work around it. This project was great and learning was really easy. This will give students in the future an opportunity to work with technology and their peers. 

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