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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Here are some things I found interesting.

The Achievement Gap- I learned that there is an observable gap in academic achievement between different student groups.  This could be down to race, socioeconomic status, or even gender.  These factors can become a problem when they are made greater than they seem to be by outside sources.  Things such as peer pressure, negative bias, and other such outside things can influence students in school.

The Digital Divide-  I learned that between different groups there is unequal amount of communication technology which can affect student learning.  This is due to different socioeconomic statuses not having the same access to this type of technology which creates a disadvantage to those types of students. Schools should try and help these students out.

Artificial Intelligence- I learned that with the use of artificial intelligence we can create machines that give the feeling of communicating with a human.  This can help students learn as they have a human-like creation that has an abundance of information.  This type of technology can increase productivity in the classroom and the effectiveness of a teacher. 

Wearable Technology- This part talked about how there are articles of clothing being integrated with technology. This helps a person know different aspects of their day such as where they are or how much they have walked. But, they are trying to use it to see the aspirations of a person and how long it could take for them to accomplish it. These pieces can come in jackets, shoes, eyewear, or even jewelry.  This is very beneficial as they are very convenient and they perform tasks that people want to know.

Online Learning- People can learn online.  It can be formal or informal.  It is increasing in size ever since 2012.  It is helping integrate technology into schools as educators become more comfortable using it.  I find it great that there is a much more accessible way for education.  This can help people who can not find a way of education at a school to gain that education through the internet.  As it grows and progresses, it will become a better form of education and it will be used very effectively everywhere and it can help bring education to those who may not be able to get formal education at a school or university.

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