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My thoughts on Dr. Freedmans Keynote Video

Dr. Freedmans keynote means a great deal to me. It provided infromation that would help me and many others in making a better video. It also gave me words that would help me become succesful in a flat world. The one thing that stood out was the list of skills that we need to survive in a flat world. The one skill that stood out the most was being able to collaborate with others. The reason it stood out was because in a flat world, we all work together. Which means that sometimes we will bump heads with other people because we might not agree with their idea or vice versa. That is where we have to be able to team up with other people and make the best out of the two ideas and possibly put them together. Because one person cannot do it all by themselves.
The way i can use this information to help me produce a successful video is to do exactly what he said. To not make a video that has already been done or have the same idea. Nobody wants to see something that they have seen over and over and over again. I want to be groundbreaking and thats where the best out of all of us comes out. The times when we get creative and start producing things that will make everybody amazed or feed them with a passion to make something even better.

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Comment by Estie Cuellar on November 6, 2008 at 3:39am
Spot on, Steve! I love what you said, "I want to be groundbreaking and that's where the best of all of us comes out." Groundbreaking...that's what YOU are Steve and I know that's what your video will reflect...I can hardly wait to see it!

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