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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

My learning was not flat during this project because I was able to talk to many different people around the world. I gained many insights on different viewpoints of my topic and theme because each person had something different to contribute

One thing that was new and exciting was talking with different people through the different blog posts. It was similar to other social media I use, but different in the sense that you were able to talk to people from the other side of the world for the same reason. I could go and message someone from Australia on Facebook, but it would be weird because there is no reason to get to know them, unlike this project.

One thing that could be improved is getting everyone to join their group on the Ning. My group only had about five people on it so you couldn’t talk to everyone in one spot. One way to improve this would possibly be discussing it more in class. Another frustrating thing with flat learning is the time zone and school schedule difference, because everyone is working on the project at different times.

I believe that everyone in high school should be able to experience collaboration with other students globally. Learning about other students’ experiences and lives can greatly influence how one sees the world. Also, working with many other students to achieve a goal is more effective than just working with people in your town, because people from different parts of the world are going to have new perspectives and ideas. I think this can happen by including global collaboration in more subjects in high school. High school teachers and administration who are in favor of global learning should reach out to other schools in order to include as many people as possible.


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