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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

1. How do we build empathy when we meet people in person?  

We build empathy when we meet people in person by listening what they are saying, and try to see the situation from their viewpoints. Also, examine their attitude with facial expressions.
2. How do we build empathy when we meet people virtually?

We build empathy when we meet people virtually by how they word certain phrases. Also in today's world we use emoji's or gif to express feelings.
3. What do you know and think about the need for empathy?

We need to listen to each other to understand the feelings of one another. We also need to think about the other person's feelings before putting ours out there. 
4. How important is it to have empathy in order to be able to collaborate with others?

It is very important because it acknowledges other viewpoints in the collaboration with others. It also is important because not having empathy will make a bad vibe for the rest of the people working together. 
5. What strategies are YOU using to build empathy in your cross-classroom, global team?

I would ask questions to get other people's opinions about the viewpoints of the topic. If I do not agree with another person, I would tell them why I do not agree with them instead of having an attitude about it. 

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