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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

How do we build empathy when we meet people in person?

     When we meet people in person it is easier to sense and build empathy. When you are having a conversation with some one face to face in person, you can read their body language to sense how they are feeling. Also, you are able to actually hear the tone in their voice and their attitude, so it is clearer to to interpret the way they are saying things. 

 How do we build empathy when we meet people virtually?   

     When we meet people virtually it is more difficult to interpret the way people are saying things and easy to confuse them and perceive their message totally different then how they really meant it to be perceived. It is easier when it comes down to saying what you want to say because you get to think about first, change it and reword it to how you want. It is more difficult to sense empathy virtually because you aren't able to understand the tone of their message and you aren't able to read their body language but you can use emoji's to show how you feel.


What do you know and think about the need for empathy?                                         

     I think people need to have and know empathy so they can understand each other better and be able to connect. 

How important is it to have empathy in order to be able to collaborate with others?

      It's important to have empathy in order to collaborate because if we didn't have empathy we wouldn't understand each other and we wouldn't know how people feel about our thoughts and ideas and that would make it hard to work together and understand and connect.

What strategies are YOU using to build empathy in your cross-classroom, global team?

      I am listening to my team and their thoughts and suggestions. I am taking their thoughts and suggestions to consideration and trying to understand and see things from their perspective or point of view. Also, I am communicating and sharing my thoughts, suggestions and opinions with them and asking opinions so we all understand each other. 

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