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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Both in the real world and online, we build empathy by listening and understanding other people’s beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and backgrounds. We, as humans, need empathy, no matter who we are or what point in our lives we are in. Everyone needs to feel like they’re accepted and that people are understanding to what is going on in their life. It is incredibly important to have empathy, especially when collaborating with others because otherwise you would constantly argue and you wouldn’t be able to see where other people are coming from in the project you are collaborating on. With empathy, you can better understand their thoughts and why they came to those thoughts and better work as a team. I plan on using the following strategies to build empathy in my global team:

Talking to Others about things other than the project (personal things, perhaps)

Understanding people’s viewpoints even if they are different from mine.

Being kind to everyone, no matter what they are doing or saying

Listening to people when they need to talk

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