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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

How do we build empathy when we meet people in person?

Our mirror neurons react to the other persons actions such as facial expressions or body language and we imitate how they feel. This is like when someone yawns we feel the urge to yawn. When someone feels something and we see them expressing it we feel in a similar way 

How do we build empathy when we meet people virtually?

 - Its harder to build empathy with someone virtually because you cant actually see the expressions and emotions of the person.

What do you know and think about the need for empathy?

I think empathy is important because you need to realize where different people are coming from and how they feel.

How important is it to have empathy in order to be able to collaborate with others?

Its important because we need to realize that some people think differently than we do and that 

What strategies are YOU using to build empathy in your cross-classroom, global team?

listening to what other people have to say, see where they are coming from 

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