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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

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Empathy is something that makes a human a person. You don't have to be close with someone to share empathy, all you have to do is understand the situation through their eyes. When we meet people in person and learn something about them or see them in a situation that is not ideal, it sparks empathy inside of us which allows us to bond with them.  When we meet people virtually, we can build empathy by finding things we have in common and talking about them.  For example, here on the NING, we posted handshakes so that people could get to know and empathize with us.  I think that the world always needs more empathy.  If you think about all the horrible things that have happened and might happen, you realize that the world just needs to be more connected and people need to empathize with those from different countries and situations.  To collaborate with others, you have to get to know them and their working habits.  You have to analyze each others strengths and weaknesses in order to produce your best product.  For this global project, our groups are learning about one another and already talking about the topic we have been assigned.  This will make it easier to learn names, habits, likes and dislikes, and personalities in general.  Empathy is necessary for success.  

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