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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Integrating Coding

Coding has started to become integrated into many schools. Many schools have started to integrate coding classes. I did not know that coding was this important and that many classes are being created for it.

Online Learning

Over the past few years more and more schools have started teaching online. I knew that some colleges did this but now experiments are being led to see how widespread online learning would affect students.

Virtual Reality

As technology becomes better people are expecting to start using virtual reality as a teaching device. This could help kids see and feel real world examples without having to be there. I knew that virtual reality is used a lot for games but I never knew it might be a part of learning.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is being developed that can act like a person. People could talk to it and learn from it. This is being developed to help teachers and to engage better with students. I never knew this type of technology would become part of a classroom.

Wearable Technology

Devices such as watches, jewelry, eyewear, and even articles of clothing may one day help students learn. These items can be outfitted with the latest technology and jackets could be used for virtual reality. As these devices become more advanced more people will start using them.

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