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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Horizon Report Findings


Wearable technology has been a huge advancement for those who can afford it. It is used for tracking your daily activities and for managing routines and healthy lifestyles. They have also been creating new ways of wearable technology for learning purposes such as virtual reality to explore places you cannot go such as underwater or in a desert. These advancements are great for managing tasks and achieving goals.

Something I thought was interesting was how schools are thinking about incorporating coding as a formative language. Coding is becoming more popular throughout younger generations which is good for upcoming technological advances. Also, knowing how to code will provide more job opportunities.


It was also interesting that the report introduces a new classroom design. The new design will focus on hands on learning by being introduced to “smart classrooms” which support learning through different and new types of technology. Schools are moving toward online learning and away from worksheets and textbooks.


I also thought it was really interesting how they are rethinking the role of teachers. They are examining the possibilities of leaving behind the traditional school day and having teachers teach their lesson plan through technology based resources. This would allow for students to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own home while still getting the information they need. This would also allow students to have more free time to possibly volunteer or get involved in more athletics

One thing I learned was the importance of the authentic learning experience. An example is when a student is able to connect with a topic or lesson a teacher taught that they can connect to something they experienced in the outside world.The purpose of school is for students to be able to take what they learned in class and apply it to real world situations. I never knew how closely connected in school learning and problems students may face outside of schools were.

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