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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Classrooms are now beginning to resemble work and social environments in order to prepare students for real-world experiences.  I found this interesting because it allows students to be familiar with daily working life to some extent.  This will not only benefit students in the future, but also employers.  A job applicant with some familiarity with a work/social environment is more desirable to an employer than one without.


Coding is being implemented by educators because it is believed to be a good way to stimulate computational thinking.  Coding is another skillset, aside from social skills, that is very well considered by employers, especially if the job is technology-based.  Even if it is not, it shows the employer that the applicant has computational thinking skills and experience.  Every job requires some form of computational thinking to some extent, so any experience and practice is useful.


One issue that is apparent among some social classes is the lack of access to communicational technology.  In learning environments that are so heavily based around technology, the lack of access to technology has been a major setback for some students.  While attempts are being made to provide more access for students, this cannot solve the entire problem on its own.  The key component is likely the teachers’ curriculum and technological support.  This issue is currently being resolved in many cases.


While the presence of technology in a classroom makes a world of a difference, the methods of utilization of said technology is the main focus of teachers.  Online learning has been introduced in several cases, and it has proven itself to be a successful method of teaching.  Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of online learning on students’ performance, and a direct correlation is evident.  Students who have access to online learning tools have performed more proficiently, opposed to those who were not offered this opportunity.

Wearable technology has been an extremely helpful tool for those who have access to it.  The idea of wearable technology is that it is portable and can track daily activities.  Some wearable technology can be used for learning experiences, such as virtual reality.  In addition, smartwatches have become quite popular recently.  They can act as a phone can, but they are wearable and more convenient.  These devices have been found to be useful for managing tasks and goals.

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Comment by KaylaS-BMHS-45 on March 10, 2017 at 1:21am

I also found Wearable Technology to be interesting. One thing that I thought was really cool about Wearable Technology is how it is being used in physical education classes, which they are using to collect real time data after physical activity.

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