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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Something I thought was interesting was that starting at a young age children will be taught how to program computers and create online games. Students will have more hands on work, so they could have a better understanding on how to exactly do something.This would help them learn how to work better with technology. 

Something else that I thought was interesting was wearable technology helps keep track of goals that want to be accomplish or what has been accomplish. This helps with students interest in STEM learning. With classrooms activities having many different things going on these devices will help keep track.

The third thing that I thought was interesting was artificial intelligence are machines that are more closely like humans in their functions. Studying artificial intelligence is helping understand the interaction with people among each other. Artificial intelligence has a chance of increasing online learning, adaptive learning software, and simulations that engage with students more.  

The population of robots are expected to double in 2020 was also interesting to me. In K-12 usage of robots are looked at as a learning tool. Robots and programming are being brought into schooling to help with critical thinking and problem solving among students.

The last thing I thought was interesting was makerspaces are being used as a method for hands on learning, higher problem solving, construction, and iteration. Schools are trying to include makerspaces into their curriculum to help teachers and students be more creative and to explore other ways of learning. This program also helps students study in STEM subjects and different technical disciplines.





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Comment by alexisc_bmhs_1 on March 21, 2017 at 9:51pm
i also think it's interesting that young kids learn how to use computers at such a young age

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