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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

5 Things that I found interesting after reading the Horizon Report are:

  • Online Learning-I found it very interesting that schools across the world were using this type of learning style. Some of the schools included Rwanda, Costa Rica, and India. They are pursuing the one laptop per student concept to allow students to work at school and at home.This is a great idea because students can work on the go and study pretty much everywhere. I also thought it was interesting that this allowed for students to interact better with other students and their peers.

  • Robotics- I found it interesting that robots, such as Milo are now being infiltrated in the classrooms. This allows for students to make great interactive learning skills along with not feeling intimidated when approaching others or the robot. I feel that having robots in the classrooms allows for students to become better learners because robots have so much to offer.

  • Virtual Reality- I also found it interesting that classrooms are beginning to allow for more 3D displays for a better learning environment. This is increasing the number of students engaging in activities more so than the basic textbook learning. Even though I do prefer to learn with a textbook, I do think strongly that students learn better with more hands on style activities rather than reading about it. Students are more productive when they can physically do it themselves, that way they can learn from their mistakes.

Overall the two most interesting subjects that I read about were Artificial Intelligence and Wearable Technology.

  • Artificial Intelligence-I thought it was really cool that we use artificial intelligence pretty much on a daily basis. We use our cellphones to look up homework information and much more. I also thought that it was interesting that artificial intelligence can be used in the neural networks, such as the brain and the nervous system. While using artificial intelligence, we are improving our ability to understand the everyday lifestyle of the world.

  • Wearable Technology- Wearable Technology was another subject that really interested me because of the use in the classrooms. I've heard of things such as Apple Watches and Fitbits before, but I did not know that they are being used in physical education classes. To me, I think this is a great idea because it allows for students to get real time feedback after doing any type of physical activity.

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