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Horizon Report 5 interesting/new things

Horizon Report

One thing that I learned is that changing our learning environment including the traditional structure of schools can have a big impact on learning. In this report it talks about new spaces and how classrooms are being put together to help accommodate more group projects. Having more of these group projects help incorporate more hands-on scenarios, which in turn resembles more real-life problems a student may face. Projects also help to remove some of the limitations of disciplines placed on students by teachers New learning methods are also being more common. Technology based learning is beginning to foster innovative ideas and designs that allow each class and subject matter to be linked. The traditional classroom is being rearranged to change educational experience for students. Before reading this report, I never thought about the impacts of classroom arrangements had on learning and the benefits of learning through projects, and technology.


Something I found very interesting was the rise of coding as a form of literacy. One I hear literature I think of essays and novels and other forms of writing. One thing that would never come to mind is coding. The thought of coding becoming an entire course in a school didn’t seem logical before reading this report. Then I found out that many jobs will become available in the field of computing jobs by 2020. I never imagined there would be so many opportunities to join the field. If I decide after my four years at allied I decide I don’t want to go into the medical field, then I could always decide to join this field. The paragraph mentioning coding as courses and good field of work intrested to me because it opened my eyes the coding is more than just something to do your spare time. It could become your career.


One thing I found interesting is the rethinking of the roles teachers have in and outside the classroom. School districts and other countries are beginning to adopt new standards for teachers and what is expected of them. They are now more frequently expected to teach not just during school hours and at school, but while the students are at their house as well through technology based resources. This allows students to leave the traditional school days behind and begin to learn in new formal and informal styles of learning. The idea of this interested me because if I had the ability to leave school early for sports and be able to see the lesson or teacher once I come home, it would make playing sports a lot easier for me.


One thing that I was unaware of was the importance of creating authentic learning opportunities. An example of an authentic learning experience is when a student is able to directly connect with something a teacher taught or something the student learned in school directly to something that a student has seen outside of the classroom. The purpose of school is to prepare student for their life after school, and when students are able to see how school is actually preparing them for life after school in the real world, they might see the importance of what they are learning in the classroom and might help the students apply what they’re learning to real-life problems. I never knew the importance of showing the connections of in school learning and problems students may face outside of schools.

One of the point made in the report that intrigued me was the rise in online learning. Online learning is a way of learning through the web, formally or informally.  Although students learning and taking courses online may seem crazy right now, the number of people taking online courses through the web has risen dramatically since 2012. The idea of taking courses online interests me because when I’m in college, I could see it being very convenient and easy to have the option to take some of my course online instead of having to go into lectures always. It intrigues me because  I could see myself because see myself benefiting from online learning.

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Comment by SkylarB-bmhs-45 on March 10, 2017 at 1:15am

I also think online learning could be very convenient and an easy option. Nice report.

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