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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is very important in society today. Artificial intelligence is

Becoming more and more similar to humans everyday. They even have the ability to simulate human perception, learning, and decision making.  Neutral networks are what is responsible to voice recognition and natural language processing. Neutral networks allow humans to interact with machines similarly to how people interact with other people.


Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology is tech that is computer based and can be worn by users as jewelry, eyewear, or even shoes and a jacket. Wearable tech can track sleep patterns, movement, location, and social media interaction. Google glass was a wearable eyepiece that was heavily discussed and paved way for the apple watch and other brands of smart watches.



Robots are automated machines that can accomplish a range of tasks. The first robots were involved in factory assembly lines to make the production more effective. Robots can take over tasks that are dangerous or tedious for humans. It is expected that there will be four million robots on the planet by the year 2020. Robots are going to end up transforming the global economy. Potential uses for robots are started to gain more attention.


Virtual Reality

Virtual refers to computer generated environments that simulate the physical presence of people or objects and realistic sensory experiences. More advanced applications of this technology allow users to feel what they see and can be used anywhere from discovering the cure to aids to watching the super bowl.


Scaling Teaching Innovations

Schools and universities generally allow us to connect ideas only in prescribed ways. It is very difficult to move a major teaching innovation into mainstream practice. Contemporary organizational promotion structures rarely reward innovation and improvements to teaching and learning. Organization need to be more perceptive to people's ideas.


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