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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Increasing Use of Hybrid Learning Designs

Internet is starting to become a big way of learning along all ages, from elementary school to college. A large variety of teachers are now using it. Teachers are discovering that it helps to engage students in a variety of ways which I most definitely agree with. It gives us a different way to do things instead of using paper and pen. I personally really like using programs and more on the computer to do projects whether individual or with groups. 

Rapid Acceleration of Intuitive Technology

This paragraph covered the idea of how there is so much technology that we use daily with just swipes and taps and different touches. It's very true that we don't have to be experts to learn how to use these things. There's a million different gestures and what not for us to control the device and we do it so simply. 

Creating Authentic Learning Opportunities

This paragraph talks about how authentic learning is still uncommon in schools. I've never thought of it in the way that it brings connection between students and the world outside of school. We all use it without thinking of it that way and it never really occurs to us how helpful it is and how often we use technology. It's surprising to find out that this is still very uncommon because it is a really good way to learn.


I didn't know that the idea of "Bring Your Own Device" started back in 2009. My middle school had only been doing it for about 2 years before I graduated as far as I was concerned. I do think it's convenient more now than it was in middle school for us. In middle school a couple kids in my grade would bring an iPad or a computer, but rarely had use for it. Our school got chrome books and iPads as well though, not one for every single person, but some in the library for use when we needed them so we often used those. 

Wearing Technology

I thought this paragraph was very interesting because I've heard about the Google glasses before. I think wearable technology is an awesome idea because it is so close and easy to use. Tracking sleep, movement, location, social media, and more would be beneficial to know and access quickly. I know of a Fitbit bracelet that tracks things with sleep. My mom got one for Christmas from my dad, but my mom isn't a fan of wearing bracelets so she returned it. It's cool what those bracelets do.

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Comment by AmyA_AAHS on March 8, 2017 at 12:39pm

Interesting! I learned a lot thanks L-dog.

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