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Here we go: Research and Multimedia intersect on FCP09-1

Hello and welcome to all students in the Flat Classroom Project 2009-1 collaboration! I am not sure if you realise this but we are more than half way through the actual hard work part of the project. However, you have just completed the EASY half so far! Don't get worried, the next half is HARD, but much more FUN!

By now you should have added your research and ideas to your Team wiki and, of course, made contact with all of your team members. We now need you to decide what your digital story, multimedia artifact (video) is going to be about AND, once you have created a storyboard or outline of the plan for the work, you need to request an OUTSOURCED multimedia clip from a partner in another classroom.

Read this wiki for a full summary or what you should be doing THIS WEEK for the project.

REMEMBER! The multimedia piece is an individual requirement as a response to your TOPIC and Video Type: The Story (Group A), Innovation, Invention, and Prediction (Group B), Social Entrepreneurship (Group C)

Good luck everyone!

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