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Group Assignment: Robotics in Education

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My topic was how robotics could affect education and the learning process. In this wikispace,, my team and I gathered information about this topic and shared it with each other. Websites like, and
gave me information on how robots could help kids. What interested me is that robots could help kids stay in class even if they cannot leave home by having a robot take their place. Also robots could provide simulations, giving experience without the dangers of failure. This could teach surgery and many other types of dangerous jobs that could cause deaths if done incorrectly. The website shows that robots can spur innovation and can help kids with certain social disabilities learn better. Overall, this topic was very interesting to me and my group.


Overall, my wiki editing process worked well. My team did not work together much and help each other, but we did not fight either. Everybody minded their own business when creating their work and we tried not to write the same things. My group correctly and adequately cited their sources on the website. I was happy with my wiki because everybody got their work done and did not make extra work for themselves by disagreeing with each other. We finished our work separately, but happily and well. We were able to do our individual jobs and write our information down without argument.


My outsource video was very simple and easy to make. Although it was very short, I was asked to say one sentence and end the video, so I think it turned out well. Unfortunately, I could not find the video that the person made who I gave the outsource video to, so I could not tell if my video was used or not.


The outsource video I requested was for someone to google a sentence and record the monitor. I did not receive it. The person who wrote their name under the request never made the video and I think this was because they just did not finish the project. I received a video from my friend in school instead to supplement me not getting one.


I did not have much of an initial idea for my video. I just knew that I had to write about how robotics affected education and I saw what was on the website I created the video on, and I went from there. The quality of my video is good, there are no blurs or pixelated objects. The audio was good, it was not choppy and it sounded good with the video. I would critique the pace at which the slides moved because they were slightly too slow. A good video from a person in my school is, because it had good music that went with the theme and it was nice to look at. Another good video that is not from my school is,, because it had enticing looks and music that went with the video very nicely.

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