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Group Assignment: Team 6D- Wearable Technology

Group Wiki: Team 6D Wiki

Outsource Video Hyperlink: Outsource Video

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Final Video Hyperlink: Final Video

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My group's topic was wearable technology. Prior to this project, I didn't really know anything about this topic. I did own a FitBit, but I wasn't fully aware of the benefits wearable technology can have. However, I was even less aware of the positive impact it has on the environment. I learned about the different types of wearable technology and their different uses as well. There are many types of wearable technology, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart jewelry, and smart glasses. They can perform tasks such as calling, displaying maps, completing searches, tracking health information, and more. Wearable technology inspires people to get outside and use their health monitoring technology instead of taking cars, which contribute to air pollution. Products like the FitBit track steps and calories burnt, so people like seeing these accomplishments throughout their usage.

My wiki experience was amazing, and thankfully my team made the process easy. There were no miscommunications in my group via the wiki, and everyone responded to questions and requests in a timely manner. However, one thing that could possibly be considered a setback for me was that my team wrote the report before I even opened the document for the first time. Although I did not have a chance to contribute before it was done, I was able to do some editing. I am very happy with the way it turned out. My group was wonderful and cited all sources properly. Again, I am very proud of the overall product and I believe that this wiki project was a success.

The outsource video I created was of myself running while wearing a FitBit, then recording my health information on a piece of paper. I uploaded the video, but I eventually found out that it had not been used. I was confused to see that my name had been removed from the request and replaced by someone else's. By this time, however, everyone had already begun their projects, so I let it go. I thought that it would be for the best to simply let the requester's outsourced video be whatever it was going to be. So in the end, my outsource video ended up remaining unused.

My request was eventually claimed by sarahc-bmhs-45, who presented an outstanding video for me to use. I had requested a video of someone running around with a smartwatch on, then stopping and exclaiming something about their health information. So, of course, I did end up using this video. It was exactly what I asked for, and it was well recorded. One issue I faced, however, was finding a way to get the outsource video into my own video. I eventually figured it out, and everything was fine in the end.

I have a habit of overestimating the final product of my projects. As a result, I imagined that this video would be smooth, eye-catching, and interesting. However, unfortunately, I must admit that it is pretty boring. It doesn't have much appeal unless you actually have an interest in the content. Hypothetically, I could have used better applications to create my video. However, in the crunched-for-time, unique circumstance I personally faced, this was all I could manage. My audio was average, but maybe it could have been a bit clearer. This project was overall interesting to work on. I have learned a lot about wearable technology, and certainly time management. This project will definitely help me with several things in the future, such as online communication and collaboration, video creating, sharing, and editing, and using several websites to complete a project. In addition, I recommend watching NoahN_AAHS's and KaylaS-BMHS-45's videos. They are pleasant to watch and contain a lot of interesting material.

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