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4-D Adaptive Learning Technology







Adaptive learning technology is a progressive way to assist teachers in understanding students so they can adjust their teaching approach for each individual student. You could ask the question, what effect does this have on the environment? Although not completely proven, it is heavily suggested to be very positive and beneficial. Socially, the idea is the natural and much more effective progression or evolution of the No Child Left Behind Act introduced by, former, President Bush in 2001. Almost immediately a far stronger, effective, and beneficial relationship is created between the student and the teacher creating a safer and more comfortable class environment. When students are all being accommodated equally for their learning preferences and needs, the class feels engaging and involving for all, not just the majority. Teachers can than give their students better chances to express themselves and work effectively individually and in groups. A chain reaction occurs, as students are encouraged and willing to help their pupils in troubles creating a superior and master crafted classroom environment. Adaptive learning technology is extremely beneficial and only positive. I personally found the concept of adaptive learning technology itself to be the most fascinating thing about it. I think it is exceptional that teachers could adapt their teaching styles to help out a student in need; there is nothing as magnificent as that.


Check out these links on adaptive learning:


The wiki editing process in my group was somewhat non-existent. I cannot say too much about it because there was not much editing being done. I believe only three or four of us edited the wiki. That, of course, was very basic too. I wrote an intro of one hundred words and I do not know what else anyone did besides adding their name to the bottom of the wiki. To say the least, the wiki editing process was very insubstantial. I was very displeased with this part of the project and I have also looked at many others wikis. Very few groups did anything more than create a link to their Ning profiles and write a short intro. I feel as this part of he project was useless and few found any need to contribute even in the slightest of ways.


The outsource video I created was for MatthewJ_dfhs. He asked for me, very clearly and understandably, to film myself ripping a piece of paper, to represent homework, and say, “I give up.” These instructions were very simple and obvious which allowed me to do it quickly and with ease. As I followed all directions and did my best to make the video good, I expected to see my outsource pop up in his final video. As expected, it did and it fit in quite well if I do say so myself. I think he did a great job of implementing it in his video.


Here is a link to the video:


As for the outsource I requested for, a different story took place. I very simply and clearly asked for a video of a student film a video of him or her shaking a teacher’s hand and smiling while doing so. I assumed it would be quite simple to do and I was not surprised when someone signed up for it very quickly. Things took a bad turn when I did not receive the video on the wikispace for over a week. That week turned to two and at that point I tried very hard to contact him and the site. I believed it to be something so easy and simple that when I saw the final product only a few days before my video was due I was quite upset. The quality of it was very poor and there was background noise of someone counting. Of course I would have tried to use another outsource, but I had received it at such a late time that I could only use that video. It ended up not even working with my video, which upset me deeply.


Here is a link to Danny’s Ning profile:


My initial thought for my video turned out to be much like the final video. I wanted to use Window’s Movie Maker to make a two-minute video about the how education has changed and the affects of adaptive learning technology on a class environment. I retrieved pictures of old technology and classrooms off of Google and then put them into a movie. I decided text would be much more effective and moving then if I narrated or acted in the video. I wanted to utilize Danny’s outsource to make the video come together, but as mentioned before that plan fell apart. I also wanted to add music in the background, which would probably be my biggest critique of the movie. Had I put music in I feel as though it would have been far more effective. The quality of my picture on wide screen was also very poor, but that was due to technical limitations. Overall, I felt my video was satisfactory, but not exceptional. There were many things I could have improved such as music, color, and entertainment.

I did enjoy AndrewD_AAHS’s video on wearable technology. I particularly enjoyed his decision to videotape himself acing out the text that would pop up on screen. It was engaging and well done.

Here is a link to Andrew’s video:

I also enjoyed JeremyL_FRHS’s video; it was simplistic, but effective. The pictures fit very well for his topic and I though they added greatly to his video.

Here is a link to Jeremy’s Video:








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