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Group Assignment: 3A- Games and Gamification- Impact on Society and Global Community

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My research topic was "Gaming and Gamification." Although you may be familiar with the topic of "Gaming," the term "Gamification" may be a completely new word. Gamification is basically implementing the features of gaming into everyday activities, such as work or school. It uses achievements, leader boards and in some cases games themselves to motivate students and even make them excited about learning. Gamification also has the ability to make education fun, interactive, and easier to understand. I think it's interesting how that by using Gamification, teachers can make education more student- oriented and how they can adjust to the student's pace by doing so. As some students already revolve around games, this type of education can provide the mold for future learning and working. I also think that the concept of gamification itself is interesting. I feel that turning education into a game would farther expand the knowledge of students by getting them interested and engaged in learning.

Although my team seemed organized, communication was an obstacle in the Wiki creation. I had joined the Wiki production a few days late, and as a result, it took me a while to get familiar with the topic. In spite of international cooperation being a good thing due to the mixed ideas, the different time zones and lack of direct communication were the main problems we faced. My group still handled the project fairly well despite the distance barriers. However, once we finished the Google Doc on our topic, we found ourselves at a dead end; as a result, we didn't know what do about the eBook.

The outsourced video I created was of me looking happy after completing a level of an educational game. The description of the outsource I had to create was pretty clear and straightforward, which made it easy for me to think of how to create it. My outsource was in the person's final video; probably because it was relevant to his topic and he used it to strengthen his point.

I, however, did not receive the outsource video I requested. I requested an audio definition of gamification. Although it sounded like a quick, easy thing to do at the time, I realized that it takes a lot more work than it sounds like it is. I think I didn't receive the outsource because the student who had signed up for it couldn't find a recording software or didn't have the time to find/create a definition of gamification. It is also possible that they couldn't find a way to upload the audio file to the Ning.

My original idea for my final video was to simply record the presentation of a PowerPoint I would create; however, I had to simplify it even more due to technical difficulties and a short amount of time I had while I was experiencing them. The quality of my final video is actually pretty low because of some other minor technical difficulties I had while recording. To improve my video, I could have started its production earlier than I had, spent even more time editing/working on it, or found a better recording software.

Of all the FCGP videos on the Wiki, I think Anvitha's and Keyshawn's deserved recognition. Anvitha's video was visually and audibly pleasing while bringing the key points of her topic into her presentation. Keyshawn's video provided entertaining clips that I could relate to while educating me about his topic. In my opinion, grabbing the viewer's attention is the best way to educate them; both their videos did so.

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