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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Group Assignment: Team 5A - Artificial Intelligence and the Impact on Society and Global Community

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For my FCGP project I researched artificial intelligence and its impact on society and the global community. Artificial intelligence is the capacity of a computer to perform operations similar to learning and decision making in humans. A computer is not intelligent itself, it is just programmed to follow directions very quickly. The goal of research in artificial intelligence is to understand the nature of human thought and other intelligent behavior and to design intelligent systems of machines that can replicate these thoughts. Artificial intelligence decision-making can influence many aspects of our world such as education, transportation, health care, criminal justice, and the economy. Artificial intelligence presents an even bigger risk if machines are programmed to do devastating things. Like autonomous weapons which are artificial intelligence systems that are programmed to kill. Artificial intelligence may turn competent, with goals misaligned with ours. As of now, artificial intelligence has provided us with incredible technology such as search engines, video games, virtual personal assistants, self-driving and smart cars, autopilot, GPS navigation, online proofreaders, and social media. I found it most interesting how artificial intelligence leads to a wealthier society, which leads to a demand for a variety of products and services, leading to jobs. But simultaneously, artificial intelligence can also takeover all jobs. Doctors, lawyers, and accountants may soon be replaced.


The wikispaces group had many strengths and weaknesses. We were all very hard working and evenly contributed ideas in the Google Doc. Because of the different time zones we were all in, none of us were ever on the doc at the same time and we had to wait at least a day for any comments or questions we had to be answered. We used the comment option on google doc so if there was any questions they’d be very obvious and hard to miss so the waiting time would be minimized, and since we had multiple weeks, maybe even months to work on this, the time was sufficient. We all cited all the information we had as soon as we put it in the doc so none of us were behind, and all of the citations were correct. I am very happy with my wikispace because it helped me so much in completing my final product. It was much easier to have many people collecting research than just me, and it really came in handy.


The outsource video I created was of Isabella sending a text to Rylie on her Iphone and Rylie receiving it. I understood the request of “a 5-8 second clip of a close up shot of someone texting on a phone (preferably an Iphone).” The video made it into the final video of the person I created it for because they had a section about communicating and featured my video to show people using a phone’s artificial intelligence to communicate. You can watch his final video here.


The outsourced video I requested was a short clip of someone talking to siri (a regular conversation) next to someone on the computer searching anything school appropriate on Google. I received it from CJL_bmhs_1, the same person I sent my outsource video to, and I used the video in my final product to show examples of products that use artificial intelligence and to demonstrate how we use them in our everyday lives.


When I began my video, I had no clue about what I would do or how it would turn out. Then I started forming a picture of how I wanted it to look and stayed true to my initial concept. I wanted a slideshow like you would see in powerpoint but with music and nice transitions, making it look like a fluent movie. To ensure this, I bought a subscription to an online program called Biteable and used the software to make my initial concept become a reality. I think because I payed for this program, the video is good quality and I think that my voiceover is a brilliant idea because it allows the reader to focus on the images and comprehending the ideas rather than focusing solely on reading the words. I could have found a better way to incorporate my outsourced video and thank the person who created it for me at a different time and place so it didn’t cover the video. I think very impressive movies are RylieS_AAHS’s because the transitions are very coherent and the slides and topic is very interesting, and Jacobh_bhms_1's because I really enjoy the outsource video that I helped act in, and the sensitive topic of PTSD is very interesting connected to VR.

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