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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

My experiences with the project:

  1. I think that my connection was fairly “flat”, however, it wasn’t as flat as it could be. When talking to others at first, it was strange, but after seeing everyone else talking in the main chat room on the ning and commenting on other posts, it felt like a normal conversation, but a much more sophisticated one.

  2. Although I have typed to others before through online games or even websites, this project was different in the sense that it was to work towards and complete a task. People acted much more professional and friendly when commenting on others profiles or asking a question about something.

  3. What didn’t work is the time frame, when working on the wiki research, it was much harder to communicate with team members because not everyone was in school due to spring breaks being placed on different weeks than the other schools. It is also hard for some people to make videos of themselves or recordings, because they may not feel comfortable sharing that kind of information to other students.


Ideas of the future:

  1. In high school, I feel that all students should be able to experience what it is like to work with others long distance, as it is a much different setting as working in person with someone. I also feel that each person should be able to see things from a societal perspective, being able to look at groups and cultures without a bias towards one or another.

  2. We can make this happen by showing different cultures from around the world and trying to look at them from a new perspective, maybe looking at it as though it is normal to you. You can also connect groups of people that may not have connected before and putting them to work together on the same task.

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