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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Melanie Haiken talks about the cost of text books, and how it can be changed for the better of the people. She talks specifically about the US, textbooks are increasing in price annually, so the US made the text books open content, they can either be free or you pay for a download of the text book. Around 2010 the US started publishing podcasts of the text books and pdf's of the text books for students.

The idea of open content is that students get the required equipment for colleges for a more reasonable price, through publishing the course content online for either no price or with a price. Students can download the content off the internet. This is so that the US can get more people to go to college, since it used to be a very bi problem for students to get enough money to annually buy the text books they need.

This has a very big impact on the student environment, on a college campus you will see more people with headphones in their ears to study for their next lesson. The idea of open content also reduces the amount of space we need, plus less trees will need to be cut down, which significantly helps the environment. open content will be very effective in class, this is mostly because all the student needs to remember when he goes to class is his lap top, which has all of the equipment he needs. The text books for colleges have been very expensive during the past few years in the US, and they have annually increased in price, the text books being open for anyone to download drastically reduces the cost of the text books the students need for their subjects.

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