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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

Article about Japanese government funding 3D printers in schools.

The Japanese Government has announced plans to fund schools for the use of their own 3D printer and associated software for schools all over Japan. They plan to bring in 3D printers into middle and high schools all over Japan by the end of 2015.

Bringing in these 3D printers into the schools, the government hopes to provide skills and experience to the students about working with 3D printers and how to use them if they end up getting a job that uses 3D printer technology. It is also to aid in technology subjects such as Design and Robotics plus many more as the students can print out their designs/parts on their own to aid them in their projects.

It is important because Japan has a major industry that requires the use of 3D printers, therefore training students with this technology, they can work with them if they choose to get a job in those industries which in turn will have a positive impact on that industry as productivity and efficiency is increased, as workers would have more experience. The effectiveness of this proposal can be quite significant, as students are already set up with the skills and experience needed to work with 3D printers, a career that could potentially come in large demand in the future, especially with Japan's already-emerging 3D printing industries. This could challenge teachers to teach this technology as the teachers themselves would not of had experience with such a newly made technology. Overall though, it would have a positive impact on the future of Japan's students, and its industry.

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