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The Global Educator, by Julie Lindsay

BYOD, or "Bring Your Own Device," is the practice of bringing your own technological device into school and the workplace. It is rapidly gaining popularity amongst many school, being seen as a positive change for students future, mostly because the workplaces/schools don’t have to spend money on buying computers or other devices, ultimately saving tons of money. BYOD has vastly grown, at a shocking 74% now. It is especially influential in education, it has been shown that when bringing their own device to school, students become more interested in their schoolwork, more focused, and more organized. In addition, students have unlimited access to resources, which encourages them to continue research and learning outside of school, they can manage their time better, and they can work at a pace that is just right for them. It is easy to see why a school would implement BYOD into their education, because it is ultimately cost effective and motivates students to do well. I really thought that BYOD and its effects on education was an interesting topic to explore, because it is so relevant to society today. Schools are beginning to allow students to bring their own devices from as early as grade school, again, instead of having to supply them for the students.I think it is great that the students are able to use a device that they know how to work and use it everyday in and out of school to do a variety of school or non school related topics. Students are already familiar with the new technology, having grown up with it, so it ultimately increases interest in school, which I didn't really think about going into the project. In addition, because people have to bring in their own devices to school, the market for technology has gone up as a result as the continually-growing popularity with BYOD. This could then create more jobs and boost the economy- all because students bring their own devices to school! I know today, that probably 90% of the students in my grade bring an electronic device to school and use it as well. So, I asked myself though, there have to be some downfalls to BYOD, like couldn't the kids get distracted? So I looked up what other people thought were the negatives and I came across the following; it has a lot of security issues. Which I guess that is true, but the pros and cons of BYOD greatly counterbalance in favor of the devices. To learn more about BYOD and what it really is, click here.


Although I thought that the wiki was helpful in keeping everything organized and in one place, I was not able to communicate easily with my team members. Quite frankly, there was little to no communication amongst group members. I do not recall ever speaking to my team members, which could be difficult when choosing team roles, adding information to the wiki, and checking citations. Usually, I completed tasks in the wiki based on what my teacher asked of me, but I did not reach to my team members, nor did they reach out to me. Looking back, research and citations could have been done more easily and efficiently if I had tried to speak with them, but our completed wiki was still successful overall, in my opinion. We picked out our own team roles without conflict, and likewise, we did our research and completed our necessary citations. I happened to have created my video off of another student in the class that was in my group, so I used his request for my outsource.


The outsource video I created was to take a video of a student using their phone in class to take notes, pictures, etc. The question was stated clearly, and the request asked of me only  10 second clip, so it was very easy. The video that I made as well as one of my peers did indeed end up in my FCGP movie, because it helped with the points I was making and made the movie longer and more interesting. He used his clips as well as mine in his final video. Here is the link to SubhanC_AAHS’s profile including the outsource and final video.


My outsource request was done by the same person who I did their request. I requested for someone to create  video of a student using their phone to play a game after finishing their work. I used the outsource that he made, as well as the one that I made, which happen to be in both mine and his final FCGP movie. Here is the link to SubhanC_AAHS’s profile including the outsource and final video.  


My initial idea for my final video was simple: define BYOD, and then include its educational benefits. I decided to choose one appropriate song to use, which was already there for an example on Animoto, and add legal pictures and a video or two to highlight each benefit I did not think I would end up using the video I requested and the video I created in my final video, but I did.  Because it was such a simple, quick and easy idea, I stuck with my original plan to create my final outsource video. I thought that my video was successful overall, but I do have a few critiques of my own video. I thought that some of my words were hard to read on top of the pictures, the picture quality was not always the best, and I would have probably liked it better if it was made in iMovie so that the watermark would not be included. In addition to my own video, I thought that SubhanC_AAHS created a great video on BYOD. It was very informative and interesting to watch. Outside of AAHS, I thought that MalcolmT_QCA had a cool video for BYOD as well. It was very quick and to-the-point, with good information that educated the audience about BYOD's educational impacts.

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